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Our doors opened in 1999 and we have since become a well-respected entity in both the corporate and residential markets.

Our ever evolving style is shaped by our ethos of being true to the client’s tastes, thus creating homes and spaces that reflect not only their personal preferences but also spaces that allow for harmony and peace. Aesthetics, functionality and budget are weighted equally and given the attention demanded by the respective clients.

Our unrelenting drive to achieve the highest standards with regards design, quality, time efficiency, simplicity and timeless elegance has been fundamental to our success. We achieve this by diffusing both classic and contemporary styles, giving a relevant but sophisticated and timeless finished product. This is given depth by including carefully chosen, beautiful artefacts – be they art, antiques, ceramics, glassware, carpets etc. It is these items that ultimately permeate through any space, defining its soul and creating the desired ambience.

As a company we pride ourselves on the successful and enduring relationships that we share with our many national and international clients. Our growth has been nurtured by the constant referrals due to satisfied clients and the continued loyalty from these relationships, which has been built on commitment, delivery and trust.

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